Time to do some sharing...

Members of our Cohort shared their "Most Important Learnings"... this is what they wrote:

  • the tools are not as important as connections and collaboration..
  • The power of connecting with other people; that there is so much more to the internet than pulling stuff off. Kids can learn BIGGER through sharing their learning worldwide, becoming global citizens and teaching and learning with people all over the world. (Helen Everitt)
  • How easy and effective creating of websites is! creating a website where we can incorporate a lot of tools for communicating and interactions.
  • There are quite a lot of interesting tools that we can use in the classroom, as the toontastic, storykit, etc. Children will get fully involved in.
  • Learning from other fantastic teachers who have been braver than I and have embraced new technologies first - now I am less scared! (Karen)
  • I came with the intention of learning more about iPad apps and classroom management of the the devices for our pilot program, but I've come away with a lot more than I'd expected. I learned about how kids can collaborate using the iPads and that there are valuable outside of just the math and literacy ones.
  • The most important thing that I have gained from this conference is confidence to take more risks with technology.
  • Broaden children's learning through new tools, classmates and audiences
  • Document what you are doing so that others can learn from you and therefore will be more inclined to share back with you.
  • Sounds trite but I learnt so much from talking to people.
    BIGGEST LEARNING: Share and you will get back so much more than you give. (@pagezoe)
  • My biggest learning from this conference would probably be learning about how easy it is to connect with others through technology.
  • I learned that I can spend hours and hours looking for ideas app
  • I learned that the power of video sharing with parents can say so much more than my newsletters can (and grandparents on the other side of the world really appreciate it also.)
  • Not not so scared about using technology as I can see how it can be applied
  • Great sharing of video ideas from teachers about apps and websites. (Scott)

Then they shared what they will do differently or what new things they will do this year that has been influenced by this conference... here's what they said:

  • - I will start a classroom blog
- I will think about becoming a Twitterer
- I will press my Head of Schools for iPads
  • I will incorporate more audio and video as well as Apple created technology like creating stories, music, etc. into my teaching Year Ones. Also, would love to crate a website for my class where both parents teachers and children can be involved.
  • I *WILL* get to grips with Twitter
    I *WILL* get to grips with Twitter
    I *WILL* get to grips with Twitter
    I *WILL* get to grips with Twitter
  • I will add short student videos to by class blog.
  • Liked the simplybox organiser. Will definitely get this up and running and share with my year level team.
  • Twitter productively and share more thoughts and resources.
    Classroom networking with other schools.
  • Go and buy an ipad for my girls.
  • I will make my class blog better (right now it only gives parents information) I would like to post more videos of kids working and post their work.
  • I will try to use the tools, ideas, technology we've shared during the cohort.
  • I will try to use some of the new ideas for sharing and teaching technology that I learned in this cohort
  • Get those new apps on the iPads! and work on the sharing off the apps.
  • I will try to use twitter with my kids and I also want to try to branch out and collaborate with other classrooms.